The Water Sector

Water And Wastewater Sector

We depend daily on the water and wastewater services delivered to our homes in the urban and rural areas of Belize.

We are very much aware of the vital importance and roles of these services to our survival on planet earth, and we recognize that there is a finite amount of water to suffice all our needs. The challenges of meeting the ever increasing demand for water and wastewater services for our expanding urban and rural populations, amidst the impacts of climate change and droughts are, and will forever be, primary concerns of all Belizeans. Belizeans need to be able to rely of the availability of safe and affordable water and wastewater services. This means that we are confident that the water from our taps is safe, that the wastewater flushed from our properties is properly treated and will not pollute our environment and contaminate our water sources.

“The Commission” with its mandate to ensure there is competition in Generation has also delegated this responsibility to the Electricity Sector, and therefore from time to time the need arises for the preparation and management of Generation Request for Proposals (RFPs) by the Sector, whereby eligible entities are invited to add new generation to the BEL national power system on a competitive basis.

In order to achieve trust and confidence in the water and wastewater services delivered to our premises we need to build strong relationships with all water stakeholders, which includes our water utilities, water customers, managers of our green infrastructure, potential investors, and genuine engagement with the policymakers, government and regulators.

The Public Utilities Commission, under authority of the Water Industry Act and the Public Utilities Act and associated Regulations, is the economic regulator for Belize’s water sector and we foster confidence in the water and wastewater services delivered to customers while remaining vigilant on the current and future public health, agricultural, and environmental issues. The Belize Water Services Limited operates under a license granted by the Commission. Consolidated Water Belize and Sanctuary Bay are other potential licensees at this time. Under the utilities license conditions, Code of Practices guiding the interaction between the customer and the water utilities are approved by the Commission. Belize’s Plumbing Code, requires all Plumbers to be licensed, and all plumbing works to be approved, by the Commission.

The Public Utilities Commission monitors the sector performance and conduct periodic tariff reviews, ensuring that the water utilities deliver affordable services while earning a reasonable return on their investments. We seek to ensure that the utilities will continue to provide services to the customers and when required we act clearly and predictably using the appropriate methodologies and tools for a viable water sector.

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