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About the PUC

The purpose of the Public Utilities Commission is to regulate the electricity, water, and telecommunications sectors in Belize to efficiently provide the highest quality services at affordable rates, ensuring the viability and sustainability of each sector.

The PUC Secretariat was commissioned in March 2001, having incorporated the traditional regulatory bodies, the Office of Electricity Supply and the Office of Telecommunications. The Chairman is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Commission’s activities that are undertaken by a staff selected for the technical knowledge and experience in the electricity, water and telecommunications sectors.

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What we regulate

Electricity Sector


The Electricity (Amendment) Act, 1999 places the PUC as regulator of all entities that generate and supply electrical services. Bye-laws introduced by the PUC provide a methodology to determine the Mean Electricity rate, establish a mechanism to smoothen the effects of market fluctuations to consumers, establish procedures and requirements for conducting a first Full Tariff Review Proceeding and Annual Rate Proceedings ... Read More

Water Sector


The PUC became regulator of the water sector in September 2000, and it issued a 25-year license to Belize Water Services (BWS) in March 2001. In June of 2002, the Water and Sewerage (Tariffs) Bye-laws established the rate-making principles and methodology for determining rates for water and sewerage services, the procedures for Full Tariff Review, and a regulated rate of return for BWS. A Frist Full Tariff Review for BWS was completed in 2004 ... Read More

Telecommunications Sector


The Telecommunications Act, 2002 liberalized telecommunications and made the PUC the industry regulator. In the first few months of assuming this role, the PUC implemented a licensing regime based on an open and transparent consultation process. A process of consultation with prospective players on license terms and conditions for new entrants and on price control and inter-connections set the stage the stage for competition ... Read More


  • Chairman

    Dean Molina

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    Etienne Sharp

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    Arun Hotchandani

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    Mark Menzies

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    Ricardo Nah

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    Carlo Keith

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